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Wilsonart Laminates Look Great, Are Easy to Maintain, and Will Save You Money

The debate between lower-cost laminates and high-end stone countertops used to be framed in terms of cost vs. value. Laminates, while significantly cheaper than granite, quartz, and marble, aren’t as durable and do little to improve resale value…or so the argument went. But that argument is harder to make these days with the advent of high-end laminates that last longer and are easily mistaken for stone slab. Wilsonart High Definition (HD) countertops are a perfect example of highly-realistic laminates. The company also offers standard and premium laminates as well as custom edging and integrated sinks that are the perfect complement to new countertops.

What is Laminate?

Laminate, despite being a hard surface, is mostly made from paper. The strength of a laminated surface comes from soaking layers of paper in plastic resins and then combining them under intense heat and pressure. This process has slowly been perfected by manufacturers since the invention of laminated surfaces in the early 20th century. Today’s laminates are a far cry from the material that swept postwar America, although the heart of their appeal – value, a wide array of designs, and easy care – remains the same.

Choosing Your Wilsonart Countertop

The Wilsonart Laminate portfolio offers the following options:
  • Standard, Premium, and HD Laminate: Standard Wilsonart laminate has a matte finish and comes in 32 distinct designs. Move up a tier to the premium Wilsonart laminate collection and you’ll find realistic stone patterns and textures in over 40 designs. The ultimate in laminate surfaces – Wilsonart HD – features AEON Enhanced Performance Technology. These surfaces are designed to look better and outperform traditional laminates, with 3 to 5 times better resistance to scuffs, scratches and wear as well as a clearer, higher-fidelity appearance.
  • Decorative Edges: Contributing to the realistic stone look of Wilsonart laminate is the company’s custom edge profiles (Cascade, Crescent, and Beveled), which are designed to reduce the appearance of visible seams. Additional postformed edge styles are also available.
  • Integrated Sinks: A Wilsonart integrated sink creates a seamless surface between countertop and basin, so dirt and bacteria can’t gain a foothold. A number of different styles, including oval, rectangular, and double basin, are offered.

Wilsonart and Sustainability

If you’re an environmental buff whose countertop choice is between stone and laminate, you might be disappointed by the sustainability of both materials. Laminates, however, because of how they’re made, show promise for being more sustainable. Here’s a look at what Wilsonart is doing to improve the Green credentials of its laminates:
  • Wilsonart uses at least 20% post-consumer recycled content in its laminates – the highest percentage in the industry.
  • Wilsonart was the first laminate manufacturer in North America to receive Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification. This means that Wilsonart sources responsibly-harvested wood-based products for its laminate countertops.
  • Wilsonart has made strides to reduce its energy use both in production facilities (including electric forklifts, high-efficiency lighting, and carbon-cutting manufacturing processes) and on the road (by using low-emission, fuel-efficient tractor trailers).

Wilsonart Countertop Costs

  • Expect to pay $20 to $45 per linear foot installed for Wilsonart laminates. For a typical kitchen with 20 linear feet of counter space, that’s a total estimated cost of $400 to $900.
  • The laminate sheet – that is, just the laminate surface, no wood base – might cost $1.50 to $4.50 per square foot. If you’re able to perform the installation yourself, its possible to save a few hundred dollars. Otherwise, plan on paying $8 to $12 per linear foot for installation.
  • Factors that affect actual countertop cost include the quality of the materials, local labor and material costs, the countertop layout (odd angles require more labor), and whether you add a custom backsplash, custom edging, or an integrated sink.

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