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    Formica Countertops
    A Beautiful Yet Economic Counter
    Formica is not only durable and attractive but also very friendly
    to homeowners on a budget.
    Get detailed information
    on these counters as well as how much you can expect to pay for them.
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    Marble Countertops
    Style and Elegance in One Package
    Marble is a much sought-after building material.
    Learn everything you need to know
    about purchasing and installing marble countertops.
    Countertop Shopper offers a complete buying guide with
    accurate data and pricing information.
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    Granite Tile Countertops
    Tiles are Economical Counter Materials
    Granite tile allows the average homeowner the benefits of
    granite on a budget.
    Interested in tile counters? Read our comprehensive granite tile
    guide for the benefits and costs associated with it.
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    Granite Slab Countertops
    Seamless Slabs Make Perfect Counters
    A solid granite slab countertop is nearly unparalleled in both
    beauty and durability.
    Discover exactly what granite slabs cost as well as how much
    you should expect to pay for installation as well in our complete
    granite slab counter buying guide.

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Economical Counter Options

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    Granite counter material is available for as little as $6 per square foot for the frugal. homeowner.
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    Decadent quartz counters can be found for as little as $12 per square foot. CountertopShopper offers aconcise buying guide.
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    Formica counters are as durable as they are affordable. Learn about the benefits .

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