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On-Hold Messaging System Review

Music or messaging on hold lets a business owner provide fully licensed, legal music to patrons waiting to receive assistance, or use valuable on-hold time to sell to a captive audience. Studies show that 60% of callers hang up when holding with dead air, and that on-hold information increases caller retention by as much as 40%. Don’t miss an opportunity to communicate specials, company policies, hours, or highlight product lines to your customer base.

How On-Hold Messaging Systems Work

On-hold music and messaging functions with any kind of phone including key system phones, PBX, IP systems and plain multi-line phones. Most modern phone systems (manufactured after about 1985) are fitted with a music on-hold or message on-hold (MOH) port that connects to a digital media player or other hardware. For those that aren’t ready as is, a simple adapter creates a MOH-ready system. For IP systems, a special audio file such as a compressed wave file is easily uploaded.

Many vendors sell equipment outright and offer monthly plans that include continual message updates and production, along with a fully stocked catalog of hold music. Others provide all equipment as part of the subscription service.

Common features included in music on hold and messaging on-hold systems include:
  • Professional recording by trained voiceover talent;
  • Seasonal messages or specials;
  • Skip-free CD quality sound;
  • Royalty free digital music in multiple genres;
  • Music and message customization;
  • Digital on hold messaging equipment;
  • Production in foreign languages (specifically, spanish) using either male or female voice talent


A number of factors influence the overall price of on-hold messaging systems, such as:
  • Frequency of message updates;
  • Whether or not foreign language recording is required;
  • Number of music channels available;
  • Type of equipment used

How Much Does A Phone System With On-Hold Messaging Cost?

On-Hold Messaging System Costs

While subscription service rates and packages vary based on the desired level of services, standard rates typically range from $30 to $100 a month, including 100% equipment replacement warranty.

The sample costs below are meant to serve only as a general guide: For a basic Music for Business package including: No commercials; 71 channels

Plans start from $30-$50 per month

Sound products

Plug and play Digital Media Player with the following features:
  • MP3 format for near-CD audio quality;
  • SD memory card preserves memory in the event of a power failure;
  • Real time download of new messages;
  • Easy installation and included audio cable;
  • Small and lightweight

Cost: New $300-$500

Sirius XM receiver with the following features:
  • 10 channel presets;
  • Channel blocking;
  • 3-line blue monochrome LCD display;
  • Small and lightweight

Cost: New $130-$230

Digital On-Hold Player for PBX and Key Phone Systems

  • MP3 ready;
  • USB Flash Drive;
  • 128MB flash memory for up to 4 hours of playback;
  • Preloaded with 3 hours of music and messages;
  • Included software for self-produced custom on-hold audio;
  • Free personalized messages read by a voiceover professional;
  • Connects directly to audio input of PBX and Key telephone systems

Cost: New $300-$500

Digital On-Hold Player for PBX and Key Phone Systems
  • Preloaded with 90 minutes of music and messages;
  • Integrated multi-line phone adapter for use with KSU-less and multi-line phones;
  • 128MB of on-board memory for 3 hrs. of audio or messages;
  • USB port and SD card slot;
  • Backlit 6-line LCD Control Panel;
  • Included on hold message creation software;
  • Pre-loaded with 7 genres of music;
  • Included cables and accessories;
  • 30-Day 100% Satisfaction MBG Guarantee and much more

Cost: New $400-$600

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