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Avaya Business Phone System Review

Headquartered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, Avaya is a major player in global business collaboration and communications technologies, deploying unified communications and networking applications and products to companies of all sizes across the globe. Avaya systems are based on open standards, so customers can work with a variety of vendors and devices, and solutions are designed to simplify workflows.

Avaya offers a variety of voice and video solutions for small to medium sized businesses including AvayaLive Connect, Avaya Aura, Avaya IP Office, and many more. This article provides an overview of two popular phone system solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office is the leading solution among the company’s Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) communications initiatives. Streamline processes and increase information exchange while keeping costs in check with an Avaya IP Office hybrid key/PBX and digital/IP based telephone system. Employees can collaborate via voice, video, email, IM, and virtual presence using their preferred device (tablet, smartphone, laptop, desk or home phone). IP Office is adaptable to serve from 5 to 1,000 employees, either at a single site, or at up to 32 networked locations, and can interoperate with more than 2 million Avaya systems worldwide.

Avaya Business Communications Manager

The Avaya Business Communications Manager (BCM) 450 is a sophisticated, reliable integrated voice and data solution for enterprise branch offices and small to medium-sized businesses. Voice processing and feature-rich business telephony applications interact with data-networking services to offer an integrated platform run by a single management device.

How Much Does An Avaya Phone System cost?

Average Avaya Business Phone System Costs

For most IP Phone systems, it is necessary to sign up for a data plan, usually associated with a 1 to 2 year contract and a monthly fee for voice and Internet data (Basic metered plans begin from around $29.99 all the way up to $99.99 for unlimited data). For some systems, additional phones are also necessary, though many vendors offer bundles that include new phones. A few sample prices below may serves as a general guide.

Avaya IP Phones

A new Avaya-IMSourcing One-X 9620L IP deskphone (wall mountable) with support for 12 total lines costs around $250-$350.

A new Avaya -IMSourcing 9641G IP deskphone (wall mountable) with call forward, call transfer, conference, 1 USB port, Bluetooth, and more costs $400-$500.

Avaya IP Office

Sample cost for an Avaya IP Office System Package with:
  • Support for 4 lines
  • Built-in voicemail
  • Included Handsets and cords
  • IP Office 500V2 (central routing device- new)
  • 1 – Power Lead
  • 1 – Combo Card
  • 1 – SD Card
  • 1 – Essential Edition License (Voicemail)
  • 5 – 5410 Digital Deskphone (Refurbished)
  • 1 – 5420 Digital Deskphone (Refurbished)
  • 5 Year Warranty

Cost: $2,200-$2,400

Avaya Business Communications Manager

Sample cost for an Avaya Communications Manager (Aura) MM717 / 700394711 with:
  • 24 twenty-four Digital Communications Protocol (DCP) ports.
  • Connection through an RJ21X amphenol connector allows for simultaneous operation of all twenty-four ports.
  • Connects to a two-wire DCP telephone: 2400, 6400, and 8400 series.
  • Does not support four-wire DCP telephones.
  • Supported in G350, G450, and G700 Media Gateways
  • (24xx, 64xx, 84xx) Station DCP Media Module

Refurbished Cost: $900-$1,000

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